Assignments and Coursework

About Assignments

Where do I check for my assignments and examination marks and whether my assignment has been recorded?

The Department uses three offices to track assignment marks and assignment records. Room 3 at the Open & Distance Learning Department, caters for B.Com.  The B.Com. examination records can be obtained from Room 4.

For B.Ed, students the coursework/assignment marks can be obtained from Room 5 of the Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL), Nsubuga Block. The examination marks can be obtained from Room 10 of the same Block.Coursework assignment marks for B.Sc. students can be obtained from Room 15 of Nsubuga Block. Please note that the examination mark is just for viewing; the official document that confirms your academic performance can only be obtained from the Registrar's Office, after payment of a specified amount by the Registrar's Office.

For the Diploma in youth in Development Work, check coursework marks in Room 1 of the main IACE building.Any inquiry about the recording of an assignment mark should also be directed to the same offices mentioned above for B.Com. and B.Ed, respectively.Obtain an assignment card from the office handling the assignments for your respective program (course). This card should be presented every time when handing in assignments or when receiving marked assignments.In case you send your assignment by post and do not receive it back after marking, please first of all check whether it was received in Room 12, Room 3 and Room 15 respectively (Records Offices).

All assignments including those which have been posted are signed for on your assignment card.If it was not received, then you should check with the courier company or the Post Office when you go back and find out where the problem was. However, whenever you post the assignment, make sure you remain with a carbon copy or with a photocopy and a receipt from the courier company.

The photocopy should have a date of when the assignment was posted so that you can convince your lecturer that it is not a fraud.  It would be nice if the courier company official also signed and stamped on the copy of the assignment.What should I do if I fail to hand in an assignment on or before the deadline?
Assignments have deadlines.  In case you fail to hand in an assignment on time you should do the following:

  • Inform the tutor in charge in writing giving reasons as to why your assignment has delayed. Your letter should go through the Head, Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL)

The tutor may reply accepting the assignment or offering to give you another one in case he had already handed back the marked assignments to the other students