Payment and Tuition

Can I pay in installments and if so, how much? 
The fees structure for B.Ed., B.Com. and B.Sc. is already in semester installments.  However if you are hard pressed you could deposit a little money at a time in the bank and bring a draft when the whole installment has been accumulated. Remember your assignments cannot be marked until you have deposited a minimum commitment amount which is 100,000/= on your tuition fee. This is required to cover administrative costs but does not mean you are a University student; you are not a University student until you are fully registered by the Registrar.  In case you pay in small installments, make sure that the receipts you have total up to the tuition fee required for registration in that semester.

Where do I get banking slips, and what next? 
The banking slips are obtained from Room 17 of Nsubuga Block. After obtaining the banking slips, it is advisable that you fill in what you are paying for as advised by the joining instructions.  It should be filled properly so that all monies are posted to their right accounts. 

Please note that tuition fee, registration fee, examination fee go to different accounts and the right amount for each of those mentioned should be recorded correctly in the shown column on the banking slip.  Should money payable for tuition go to Academic Registrar's account, you would find it difficult to obtain services from the Department including receiving of study materials and handing in assignments.

After filling in the bank slips you should proceed to any STANBIC bank branch in Uganda and  pay. The Makerere University STANBIC bank branch is located at Senate House, ground floor, facing Mitchell Hall.

Also note that there may be thieves on campus and avoid asking anybody where the bank is. Take good care of your money as you fill in the bank slips. Many students have lost money as they fill in the slips. Take proper care of your bag while on campus.

After paying money in the bank, keep your stamped banking slips properly and check the following day in Room 17 Nsubuga Block to have them verified.

You will then be given a financial statement showing you tuition and payment status with the University. The statement should show properly what you paid for: the tuition fee, the registration fee, the examination fee, research, identity card. If there is an error please point out the error to the issuing officer immediately so that the error can be corrected. 
After obtaining your printed statement record it in room 17 immediately. This safeguards you because it is recorded immediately on your fees ledger card which is a point of reference in case there is any problem of loss of receipts through theft or any other calamity.

If you drop off the course and you want a refund of your money, you should make an application to the Bursar through the Head, Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL).  Please note that tuition fee is not refundable fully.  It will depend on the period that has elapsed from the date you paid durwill depend on the period that has elapsed from the date you paid during the semester you are asking for a refund. The amount refunded depends on when you ask to withdraw. 
Identity Cards are paid for in the hall where you are attached. You have to present a valid registration card before receiving a University Identity Card.

What should I do if I lose Receipts and or Financial Statement? 
For any printed financial statement you acquire from the University, please register it with Room 17 at the Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL), Nsubuga Block. 
In case you lose it,

Can I obtain a letter to my employer to allow me attend face-to-face sessions and sit examinations? 
These letters can be obtained from the Head of Department's office Room 1 Nsubuga Block and can be addressed to your employer. Letters inviting you for face-to-face sessions can be obtained from Room 3 for B.Com, Room 12 for B.Ed, and Room 15 for B.Sc. students and Room 2 of the IACE main block for CYP Diploma students.
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