NB: Coursework marks cannot be transferred from the previous years.

Examinations for Bachelor of Education Students (B.Ed.)
If you are a Bachelor of Education student and you are retaking a paper or sitting for a special examination you should apply for it. Write to Academic Registrar, through the Director, IACE.
You should submit your application in triplicate: one copy would go to the Registrar, one copy to the Director IACE, and one copy would remain in the Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL).

You should check the examination timetable as soon as it is displayed in order to identify any clashes between your retake examinations and your regular courses.  Remember the retake examinations will be displayed on a timetable of an academic year that is different from yours since you would be sitting an examination together with those who are sitting for it for the first time.

If you miss any examination, you can be allowed to proceed to the next semester and carry a whole semester forward provided you can make up for the lost semester before you finish the course.  In this case you may carry first year courses even to the third year provided you are able to finish all the courses in the stipulated time of the course.

NOTE: If you carry a course, in case you failed the examination, you have to do all the assignments that accrue to that particular retake course even if you passed the assignments the previous year.

This helps you to keep abreast with the course to prepare for the retake examinations.

General note

·         If you miss the final examination do not shy away; your course is supposed to be finished within a minimum of three years (for B.Ed.) or four (for B.Com. and B.Sc.) years and a maximum of six years or seven years respectively. To apply for an extension, please write to the Registrar through the Director IACE stating your reasons and submit the letter in triplicate.

·         You should have a maximum load of 25 credit units in a semester.  In case you have courses to retake, you should for the retakes before you register for new courses. The courses registered,for in any semester should not exceed 25 credit units in total.

·         In case you fail to sit an examination due to illness, you should you should write informing the Registrar through the Director I.A.C.E., Makerere University. The letter should be in triplicate.   Drop it in Room 11, Nsubuga Block. Please attach the medical forms. Note that only medical forms endorsed by the Director of the University hospital are accepted. You should therefore make every effort to open a personal file with the University Hospital.  In case the medical documents are from another medical establishment, present them to the University Hospital for certification.

When is the Timetable for Examinations Displayed?