Who is responsible for retake examinations? What procedures do I follow if I am to retake a paper?
The Examinations Office in the Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL) is divided into three parts as follows:

Examinations for Bachelor of Commerce Students (B.Com.)
These are run by the Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL) jointly with College of Business & Management Studies. The co-ordination office is Room 4 of the Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL), Nsubuga Block.
If you have a retake examination please note the following:

Your name must appear on the list of retake or special examination presented to Senate. You should have a letter from Senate Division of the Registrar's Office giving you permission to retake or to sit for special examinations.

  • You must pay for the examinations you are re­taking or re-sitting. The amount of money will be communicated to you by the Administrator in Room 11 of Nsubuga Block.
  • You must study the general timetable of the examinations for the retake/resit paper because you must sit for the same paper with the candidates of the year following yours, that is when the paper is next offered.
  • It is important for you to check the timetable to make sure that the paper you are retaking does not clash with your other regular papers. If it does, please report to the staff in Room 4.
  • If you are retaking a paper you should do all the coursework (assignments and tests) that accrue to it during that particular semester

NB: Coursework marks cannot be transferred from the previous years.