Office of the Head of Department

This is overall administering section in the department and Dr.Paul B.Muyinda Heads it. It has the following Responsibilities.

(a)   General administration of the Department activies

  • Communicating University policy Issues to students and involved in the external programs
  • Guiding the general development of external programs the University
  • Initiating the development and substances of linkages between the department and other parties within and outside the country
  • Overseeing and coordinating all the different sections of the Department
  •  Ensuring quality in the programmes offered
  • Planning for human resource development

(b)   Registration and administration of students’ records

This activity is handled by the administrator’s Office, spearheaded by Ms Hariet Nabushawo who sits in Room 11, Nsubuga Block. The roles of this Office Include:

  • Issuing admission letters
  • Registering students
  • Receiving and processing application for temporary withdrawals
  • Handling examination-related issues
  • Research-related issues