Reading Materials

Study material Section

This section is responsible for providing learning packages consisting of print study materials, supplemented by audio cassette tapes. Dr. Juliana N. Bbuye heads it. This section carries out the following activities:

  • Identifying, Training, motivation, supervising and facilitating writers of local materials
  • Designing, producing and delivering of local study materials
  • Procurement and acquisition of other relevant study materials
  • Stocking upcountry centres with study materials
  • Stocking the book bank with study materials
  • Organizing and Management of the borrowing and return of books to the book bank


Study Materials

You are encouraged to use the various libraries available on campus during and outside your face-to-face sessions.  Once you are registered in the University as a student, you are free to borrow study materials from the Main University Library and other subsidiary libraries on campus.

Also take advantage of libraries in tertiary institutions near your home or work place.  Many of them have good books.  In case you need our help to introduce you, write to the Head of Department and you will be assisted.

The Department also runs a book-bank at the former School of Education library . Once you have paid a commitment tuition fee you are free to use the facilities in the book-bank. Please observe the rules that govern borrowing from the book-bank.

The Department  makes materials available to students who may want to take the locally published materials permanently. Contact Room 16 if you wish to purchase any of the materials produced by the Department.

In addition, the Department has deposited or is planning to deposit materials at the following upcountry centres:


Eastern Region 

Northern Region 

Western Region 

  • Soroti Public Library
  • Mbale Public Library
  • Tororo Public Library
  • Bishop Willis Core PTC Iganga
  • Busikho PTC Busia
  • Arua CLL  Regional Centre
  • Gulu  CLL Regional Centre
  • Lira CLL Centre
  • ASDI Aduku Resource Centre
  • Uganda College of Commerce Aduku
  • Bushenyi Core PTC
  • Hoima District Teacher Resource Centre
  • Masindi District Teacher Resource Centre
  • Fort Portal CLL Centre
  • Uganda College of Commerce Kabale
  • Rukungiri District Teacher Resource Centre
  • Masaka District Teacher Resource Centre
  • Mbarara University of Science & Technology

Central Region

  • CEES Library