When is the Timetable for Examinations Displayed?

The timetable for examinations is the responsibility of the Examinations Office of the University Registrar.  It is usually displayed a month before the examinations, although sometimes there are unavoidable delays. As soon as the first copy which is labeled FIRST COPY NOT TO BE COPIED is displayed, you should look out for any clashes in the timetable and report to Room 4 for B.Com. and Room 5 for B.Ed.

Do I have to Register for Examinations?
You are supposed to register with the Office of the Registrar and obtain an examination card. The period of registration is set by the Registrar's Office. However, if you paid all the dues for the academic year in the first semester, you do not need to register again in the second semester.  In order to sit for examinations, you must have done all the assignments and attended at least three quarters of the lectures to qualify for a Certificate of Due Performance.