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Master of Arts in Demography (DMG)

The Master of Arts (Demography) programme is intended to train candidates who hold the B.A. or B.Sc degree in various fields of specialization (for example, sociology, geography, economics, statistics, mathematics medicine, etc.) in demography for careers in government academia and the private sector. The Postgraduate program in demography is designed to expose the students to substantive and technical demography as weil as the social, cultural and economic determinants and consequences of Population chanse.

Duration of the programme

The programme is within 2 academic years, which is an equivalent of four semesters and

one recess term.

Structure of the program

All courses in semesters I and II are core and must be done by all student and passedfvith a minim of 2.0 credit points. The course structure of Master of Arts in Demography is as follows.

Year I Semester I

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
DMG 7101Basic Statistics for population Scientists3
DMG 7102Computer Techniques3
DMG 7103Basic Demographic Techniques3
DMG 7104Migration3

Year I Semester II

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
DMG 7201Advanced Demographic Techniques3
DMG 7202Urban and Rural development3
DMG 7203Mortality3
DMG 7204Fertility3

Recess Term

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
DMG 7301Research Methods3

Electives (Choose two)

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
DMG 7302Population Trends Inter relationships and Policies3
DMG 7303Advanced Statistics for Demographers3
DMG 7304Population Growth?and Economic Development3
DMG 7305Population and Environment3
DMG 7306Sociology of Population Dynamics3
DMG 7307Mathematical Demography3
DMG 7308Monitoring and Evaluation,3