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Master of Science in Population & Reproductive Health (PRH)

The basic objective of this programme is to provide students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge in population and reproductive health issues and dynamics. The programme is intended for people falling in the following categories:

  • Staff of planning units, particularly at district level
  • Medical staff at various levels of responsibility
  • Programme officers in Departments and NGOs involved in reproductive health programmes
  • Aspiring academicians

Duration of the Programme

The programme is completed within 2 academic years, which is an equivalent of four- Semesters and one recess term.

Structure of the Programme

The programme consists of core courses and elective courses. In semesters I and JI. all courses offered are core. This means that s student will be considered to have a normal progress if he/she passes all the courses taken. In the recess term, there is one core course and two elective courses chosen out of .6 courses. The courses are: First Year: Semester I

Year I Semester I

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
PRH 7101Introduction to population dynamic and reproductive health.3
DMG 7103Basic demographic Techniques3
DMG 7102Computer techniques3
DMG 7101Basic statistics for Population Scientists3

Year I Semester II

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
PRH 7201Population and Health care theories3
PRH 7202Introduction to Reproductive Health Issues3
PRH 7203Epidemiology of Reproductive Health3
PRH 7204Advanced statistics for Population and Health Scientists3

Recess Term

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
DMG 7301Research methods3
PRH 7302Family planning Policies and pro grammes3

Electives (Choose two)

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
PRH 7303Reproductive health and population policies and programs3
PRH 7304Health services management3
PRH 7305Reproductive health issues advocacy : Approaches and methods3
PRH 7306Sexuality and STDs/HIV/AIDS management3
DMG 7308Monitoring and evaluation3

Year II

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
PRH 7400Research and Dissertation