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Summary Program Structure for Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BECO)

Year 1 Semester I
CodeCourse NameCU
ECO 1107Introductory Microeconomics4
ECO 1108Introduction to Mathematics for Economists4
ECO 1103Introduction to  Accounting 3
COE 1103Business Communication Skills3
ECO 1105Political Economy3
BHR 1101Principles of Human Resource Management3
 Total Semester Load20
Year 1 Semester II
CodeCourse NameCU
ECO 1201Principles of Development Economics3
ECO 1207Introductory Macroeconomics4
ECO 1208Introduction to Statistics for Economists4
ECO 1204Introduction to Computing for Economists3
COE 1201Principles of Marketing3
COE 1205Organizational Theory and Management3
 Total Semester Load20
Year 2 Semester I
CodeCourse NameCU
ECO 2112Microeconomics4
ECO 2113Quantitative Methods4
ECO 2114Mathematical Economics4
ECO 2104Computer Skills for Economists3
COE 2105Entrepreneurship3
One Elective  
ECO 2115Agricultural Production and Farm Management3
ECO 2106Industrial Economics3
COE 2101Human Resource Management3
 Total Semester Load21
Year  2 Semester II
CodeCourse NameCU
ECO 2214Macroeconomics 4
ECO 2211Econometrics I4
ECO 2212Financial  Economics3
ECO 2213Research Methodology4
Two Electives  
ECO 2204Labour Economics 3
ECO 2205Managerial Economics3
ECO 2215Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives3
ECO 2210Economics of Regulation3
 Total Semester Load21
Recess Term 
CodeCourse NameCU
ECO 2301Field Attachment5
Year  3 Semester I
CodeCourse NameCU
ECO 3113Intermediate Microeconomics4
ECO 3112Development Economics4
ECO 3103Economic Planning and Policy3
ECO 3114Econometrics II4
Two Electives  
ECO 3111Natural Resource Economics3
ECO 3106International Economics3
ECO 3107Transport Economics3
COE 3106Financial Markets and Institutions3
ECO 3109Monetary Economics3
ECO 3115Game Theory3
 Total Semester Load21
Year  3 Semester II
CodeCourse NameCU
ECO 3212Intermediate Macroeconomics4
ECO 3202Project Planning and Management3
ECO 3203Ugandan Economy3
ECO 3206Public Sector Economics3
Two Electives  
COE 3203Strategic Management3
ECO 3205Health Economics3
ECO 3207Environmental Economics3
ECO 3208International Finance3
ECO 3213Behavioural Economics3
ECO 3214Microfinance: Theory and Practice3
 Total Semester Load19
 Total Programme Load127