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Summary Program Structure for Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

CodeCourse NameCU
STA1110Descriptive Statistics I3
STA1111Probability Theory I3
CSC 1100Computer literacy3
SAS 1102Introduction to Actuarial Science3
ECO1101Introductory Micro Economics3
MTH1101Calculus I3
MTH1102Linear Algebra I3
 Semester II 
CodeCourse NameCU
STA1210Statistical organization and Official statistics2
STA1211Time Series and Index Numbers3
STA1213Data Analysis I2
SAS1202Accounting I3
ECO1201Principles of Development Economics3
ECO1202Introductory Macro Economics3
MTH1201Calculus II3
 Recess Term  
STA 1301Workshop on Data Processing5

Year II

 Year II: Semester I 
CodeCourse NameCU
STA2110Intermediate Statistical Methods3
STA2111Sampling Theory & Survey Design3
SAS 2104 Mathematics of Finance I3
SAS 2102Life Contingencies I3
ECO2101Micro Economics3
MTH2103Differential Equations 3
MTH2104Linear Algebra II3
 Year II: Semester II 
CodeCourse NameCU
SAS 2213Mathematics of Finance II3
SAS 2202Life Contingencies II3
SAS 2212Stochastic Modeling2
SAS 2214Data Analysis II2
SAS2205Law of Insurance2
STA 2215Research Methods I2
ECO2201Macro Economics3
SAS 2201Accounting II3
 Recess Term 
SAS2301Field Attachment5


 Year III: Semester I 
CodeCourse NameCU
STA 3120Advanced Statistical Methods3
SAS 3110Actuarial Mathematics3
SAS 3107 Actuarial Modeling3
BBS 3110Principles of Financial Management2
SAS 3108Risk Mathematics3
SAS 3109Life Contingencies III3
STA 3121Data Analysis III2
 Year III: Semester II 
CodeCourse NameCU
STA3223Operations Research3
SAS 3201Investment, Stock Markets & Asset Management3
SAS 3202Life Assurance, Health & General Insurance3
SAS 3203Actuarial Theory of Pensions and Other Benefits3
SAS 3204 Financial Economics3
SAS 3207Actuarial Research Project3
BBS 3206Risk Management for Business2