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Summary Program Structure for Bachelor of Science in Business Statistics

Year 1 : Semester I. (All courses are core)

Course CodeCourse NameCU
BBS 1101Business Administration3
ECO 1101Introductory Microeconomics3
MTH1102Linear Algebra I3
MTH 1101Calculus I3
STA 1110Descriptive Statistics I3
STA 1111Probability Theory I3
CSC 1100Computer Literacy4

Total Credit Units = (22) 

Semester II

Course CodeCourse nameCU
BBS 1201Fundamentals of Financial Accounting3
BPS 1205Basic Demographic Methods3
ECO 1201Principles of Development Economics3
ECO 1202Introductory Macroeconomics3
BBS 1203Entrepreneurship Principles3
STA 1211Time Series and Index Numbers 2
STA 1212Statistical Inference2
STA 1213Data Analysis I 2

Total Credit Units =21

TOTAL YEAR  I Credit Units = 43

Year 2 Semester III: (All courses are core)

Course CodeCourse NameCU
BBS 2101Intermediate Financial Accounting 3
BBS 2102Principles and Practice of Management3
ECO 2101Micro Economics3
BBS 2103Principles of Procurement3
SAS 2101Mathematics of Finance I 3
STA 2110Intermediate Statistical Methods3
STA 2111Sampling Theory and Survey Analysis 3

Total Semester Credit Units = 21

Semester IV  

Course CodeCourse NameCU
BBS 2201Introduction to Business Law3
BBS 2203Introduction to E-Business3
BBS 2204Fundamentals of Human Resource Management3
ECO 2201Macro economics3
STA 2202Statistical Decision Theory2
BBS 2205Credit Risk Models3
STA 2214Data Analysis II 2
STA 2215Research Methods I2

Total Credit Units = 21

Recess Term

Course CodeCourse NameCU
STA 2302Field Attachment (10 weeks)5

Total Credit Units = 5

TOTAL YEAR  II Credit Units = 47

Year 3 (Electives are indicated by an asterisk.)

Semester V

Course CodeCourse nameCU
BBS 3101Management Accounting3
BBS 3110Principles of Financial Management2
BBS 3111Cost Accounting3
BBS 3112Business Communication2
BPS 3101Monitoring and Evaluation3
ECO 3108Monetary Economics3
STA 3108Human Resources Planning and Policies2
STA 3120Advanced Statistical Methods3

Total Credit Units = 21

Course CodeCourse nameCU
BBS 3201Marketing Research Techniques*2
BBS 3203Auditing Practices and Procedures3
BBS 3204Fundamentals of Public Sector Financial Management and Accounting3
BBS 3205Production and Operations Management3
BBS 3206Risk Management for Business 2
BBS 3207Principles of Taxation2
BBS 3208Fundamentals of Marketing *2
STA 3221Econometrics Methods3
STA 3203Research Project Paper3

Semester VI  (Choose one elective *)

Total Credit Units = 21

TOTAL YEAR  III Credit Units = 42