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Summary Program Structure for Master of Arts in Economics

The program of study which will last four semesters will be by Coursework and Examinations. During this academic year students will be required to take four course units per semester for the first two semesters and three course units for the last semester. One course unit shall be equivalent to one contact hour per week per Semester. One contact hour is equivalent to one hour of lecture or one hour of tutorial. Each course shall be equivalent to 60 hours of lectures.

Year I Semester I

CodeDescriptionCredit Units
ECON 7101Microeconomics I4
ECON 7102Macroeconomics II4
ECON 7103Quantitative Methods I4
ECON 7104Development Economics4

Year I Semester II

CodeDescriptionCredit Units
ECON 7201Microeconomics II4
ECON 7202Macroeconomics II4
ECON 7203Quantitative Methods II4
ECON 7204Policy Analvsis and Economic Management4

Year II Semester I

Core Courses

CodeDescriptionCredit Units
ECON 8101Research Methods and Computer Application4

Elective Courses (Select Two)

CodeDescriptionCredit Units
ECON 8102Agricultural Economics 4
ECON 8103Industrial Economics 4
ECON 8104Monetary Theory and Banking 4
ECON 8105International Economics4
ECON 8106Resource and Environmental Economics 4
ECON 8107Labour Economics4
ECON 8108Health Economics4
ECON 8109Corporate Finance and Investment4
ECON 8110Public Sector Economics 4
ECON 8111Managerial economics4
ECON 8112Econometrics Theory and Practice4
ECON 8113Game Theory and Information Economics4

Year II Semester II

Core Courses

CodeDescriptionCredit Units
ECON 8201Research and Dissertation8